Each summer resident, and owner of a private plot dreams to receive a rich crop of qualitative fruits. For this, along with modern methods of processing the land, it is necessary to use highly effective and environmentally friendly fertilizers for plants.
The «AgroNAN» is an ecologically clean multi-component microfertilizer of the last generation, which simultaneously replenishes the deficiency of microelements, which helps plants to develop fully, increases the yield and quality of the fruit. «AgroNAN» is the secret of any summer resident and gardener who will help realize the dream of an excellent harvest .

Microfertilizer “AgroNAN” is recommended for use by the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.

Микро удобрение "АгроНАН" 10 мл

The AgroNAN increases the yield and improves the taste of the products.

Productivity and improvement of taste

Productivity and improvement of taste

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